“Imagine countryside living nurtured by nature and within reach of everyday comforts…

Tierra Maria Estates. Your Home and Sanctuary in Nature


Tierra Maria Estates offers a one-of-a-kind concept of living in a serene community located within reach of the metropolis. Beautifully designed around a natural orchard terrain and bird sanctuary, the residential subdivision maintains a soothing and close-to-nature ambiance with exceptionally luxuriant flora and fauna.


Most of the vegetation in Tierra Maria consists of lush, mature trees, such as acacia, mahogany, coffee and fruit trees, that were retained to preserve the land’s ecosystem, and for the residents to enjoy.


Located in the heart of Lipa City, Tierra Maria Estates spans 33 hectares of fertile land that allows residents to enjoy year-round cool weather in a healthy, tranquil and unspoiled environment. Tierra Maria Estates is a unique subdivision-community that offers true countryside living within reach of urban ammenities and city centers.